Darlingtonia in situ, Mountain Valley meadow, Curry Co, OR

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cpbobby: Once I achieve these 2 goals and have ample genetic stock then perhaps I may get serious about hybridization. however I have learned that when it comes to hybrid making; having the prettiest hybrids is not always a hime run. Jul 25, 2016 0:00:58 GMT -5
cpbobby: it seems the key to encountering something awesome lies more in having something with a strong lineage and depending on variation. Jul 25, 2016 0:03:20 GMT -5
cpbobby: what type of neps/drosera do you have? Jul 25, 2016 0:04:36 GMT -5
magdalena: I need help with my new sarracenia Sept 17, 2016 13:18:07 GMT -5
magdalena: pleaseee,anybodyy Sept 17, 2016 13:18:25 GMT -5
Naturenuts: What do you need Magdalena? Sept 18, 2016 13:01:05 GMT -5
mattknepley: >:( Oct 21, 2016 16:05:00 GMT -5
mattknepley: Crap! No >:( ! I'm all :D ! Was trying to add this goofy emoji-whatever-thingy to a pm! Yeah, technology... Oct 21, 2016 16:06:48 GMT -5
margo_gross@yahoo.com: I found a plant I now recognize as likely a Bulbophyllum dayonum tossed out on a lawn in our apartment complex. I'm an orchid clutz so what do I do with it? It still has soil solid around the roots but should it be repotted in soil or bark? Oct 24, 2016 10:16:49 GMT -5
bogbabe: Greeting fellow sarraceniacs..... anyone living close to Victoria BC Canada??? Nov 7, 2016 10:43:02 GMT -5
jbron: Hey! I guess sort of close? at least in the same province haha. I'm over in the Kootenays, south interior BC Nov 23, 2016 1:16:57 GMT -5
Jonathan Mejia: Thanks everyone for alerting me to the spam. Apparently, unless I am logged in, I don't see the alerts :/ I have deleted the 3 spam posts I saw. Thanks again Dec 4, 2016 23:37:27 GMT -5
Darrell: Have a cookie Feb 1, 2017 9:57:45 GMT -5
Science Teacher Colby: My name is Colby and I teach 7th grade Science in Oklahoma. A student asked if we could try to grow some Venus Fly traps. long story short anybody willing to donate 15 seeds for some science students? If so Email me at colby.thrash@cheyenne.k12.ok.us Feb 7, 2017 14:42:25 GMT -5
Steven: Do you have a acebook page that I can add? Feb 16, 2017 7:27:20 GMT -5
Naturenuts: Headed out boggin' in a few days. I wish all you fools could come with! Mar 13, 2017 16:51:27 GMT -5
Naturenuts: Blackwater River State Forest was burned recently so it will be looking fantastic in a few months! Mar 16, 2017 16:51:18 GMT -5
Naturenuts: Am I just talking to myself? Mar 20, 2017 20:38:22 GMT -5
Jonathan Mejia: Sometimes I do that Mar 21, 2017 11:43:44 GMT -5
Naturenuts: I usually just talk to my Sarrs... Mar 21, 2017 17:09:50 GMT -5
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